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Pop art is one of the most popular trends in contemporary art. Pop art is known to everyone, even to people who are not very interested in art. With the popularity of pop art, many people want to have their own portrait with the pop art photo effect. It is rather expensive to order a photo pop art canvas painted by an artist with paints and unfortunately not everyone can afford this.However, turning photos into pop art online is a great choice for everybody.We offer to realize your dream and will create your perfect digital pop art effect portrait at an affordable price. To create a pop art cover photo, our retouch artists use your portrait; they draw manually each photo, creating a unique digital photo with pop art effect. This portrait can be printed and put into the frame. Such a pop art portrait can be a good gift to your friends or beloved, as well as an excellent decoration of your home.

What is pop art and pop art effect?

Pop art means popular and accessible art. It is understandable to most people, it is easy to recognize and explain. This is one of the biggest directions in the art of the twentieth century. Pop art originated in the UK and the USA in the 1950s and 1960s. Pop art came into being as a reaction to a completely different direction of contemporary art - abstract expressionism.

The history of pop art

The term "pop art" first appeared in the press in an article by the English critic Lawrence Alloway, in 1966 Elloway admitted: "At that time, I did not put into that notion the meaning that it contains today. I used this word on a par with the term "pop culture" to describe the products of the media, rather than works of art for which elements of this "popular culture" were used. In any case, the concept came into use sometime between the winter of 1954/55 and the year 1957 ".

The first "pop art" work was created by three artists who studied at the Royal College of Art in London - Peter Blake, Joe Tilson and Richard Smith. But the first work, which received the status of the icon of pop art, was the collage of Richard Hamilton "Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing??" (1956)

It is a composition of clippings from "color" magazines. The interior of the ordinary person’s house, which is stuffed with comfort items from advertising pages: it's a tape recorder, and a TV, a newspaper, and an enlarged fragment of a comic strip on the wall instead of a picture. Outside the window you can see a cinema. The central male figure is carved out of bodybuilding advertising; the naked woman is also taken from some magazine. The image of the real world is replaced by the collection of fictitious images of mass culture.

To understand what pop art is, we need to consider another direction in art - abstract expressionism. The artist liberates the mind from the laws of logic and expresses his inner world on canvas, as he "sees" and "feels". This sounds complicated! But in fact, it's still more complicated. For example, can you understand what is painted in the picture of the leader of abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock? The picture is called "The Key", do not be upset if you do not understand anything in it, remember that the artist abstractionist expresses his feelings. And usually a person does not understand where the key is, and where is the lock, and only tips of an experienced art critic can help you to understand it.

The same problem arose in the 50-ies of the twentieth century, despite the huge popularity, not all understood the work of artists of abstract expressionists. To appreciate them, a person should understand this kind of art. It made this art direction accessible not for everyone, but for the "elite". Pop art has become a kind of reaction, an opposition to abstract expressionism. Its motto was the idea: a return to reality, and not the imagination of the artist. The source of inspiration was advertising, magazines, food packaging, photography, television, idols, stereotypes, movies, supermarkets, and comics - in general, everything that occurs in the everyday life of most ordinary people.

Distinctive features of pop art:

  • Bright, vivid and contrasting colors
  • Objects are easily recognizable, for example, food, household items (soap, vacuum cleaner, sofa, banks and so on)
  • Objects can be atypical in size and can be made of a different material
  • The presence of famous persons, images from comics, logos of famous brands
  • Easy to confuse with an advertising poster

We create a pop art photo effect online

Photza online photo editing studio offers a new service of turning photos into pop art. The process of turning photos into the pop art is handled by our best staff that specializes in this particular service. Send your photos for processing and surprise your friends with your new unusual photo.

Pop art photos get the most attention; they have even more likes and comments in social media than the usual photos. It is also an excellent opportunity to make a creative gift to a loved one by printing and presenting such a photo.

The advantages of pop art photo processing in Photza studio

First and foremost, Photza is a photo retouching service and our main specialty is the processing of portraits. So you can be sure that your pop art picture is perfect.

Why choose us:

  1. Affordable price. This is possible due to the division into teams in the directions of photo editing, as a result of which the processing speed has increased significantly, and we have the opportunity to offer our customers one of the lowest prices.
  2. High quality of processing. We work until you are completely satisfied with the result of turning your photos into a pop art picture. Therefore, all revisions are performed for free.
  3. Easy and quick ordering. To create an order it is enough to register on the site (fill in minimum required fields), upload photos and pay for the order.

It is important to know that the best pop art effect can be created using the clear photographs with good contrast. Therefore, we recommend using the free photo evaluation form, which can be found on the main page and send the photo for a preliminary evaluation. Please add comments and notes of what kind of pop art photo you would like to have.

What you need to know when ordering pop art photo effect:

  1. It is best to send several portrait photos, so that our retouches could choose the most suitable photo for the creation of pop-art photo. The quality of the photograph affects the result of the work, it allows to create a more creative and multifaceted drawing.
  2. Important. NOT any photo can be used for creating a beautiful pop art portrait. Therefore, when choosing a photograph for this, pay attention to the person's face was close-up, the resolution of the file was the maximum. Especially good for this is clear and sharp photo. It is better to use the photos with the person who looks directly into the camera lens.

Examples of our work

We offer you to see the examples of turning photos into pop art by our artists. In order to view the original - just hover on the photo.

Time-lapse of turning photo into pop art

We shot a long video, which shows the process of turning a photo into a pop art picture. To make the video more interesting, we speeded it up several times :)